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To Teacher Union Or Not To Teacher Union, That Is The Question

By Steven David Horwich

I’m not very interested in politics any more. I used to be when I was young and believed that most people, even those I disagreed with, were at least idealistic. I believed that politics was as it promotes itself to be, “the art of the possible”. I’m better now. Politics is most certainly not the […]

A Whole School District Is Fired in Rhode Island!

By Steven David Horwich

Today (Thursday, February 24), over 1900 teachers were given their pink slips in Providence, Rhode Island. This is apparently the entire compliment of teachers in that school district. For the second time in a week, Rhode Island has seen a mass motion towards the laying off of teachers. I’m thinking that Rhode Island’s starting to […]

To Those Who Wrongfully Defend Natalie Munroe

By Steven David Horwich

In case you have not heard about her, Natalie Munroe was a teacher. She taught in a High School in Pennsylvania. She authored what she believed to be an anonymous blog in which she railed at her students. She variously labeled them “rat-like”, “frightfully dim”, “lazy whiners”, and suggested that their future employment was with […]

A “Teacher” Gets It Dead Wrong – Again!

By Steven David Horwich

Her name is Natalie Munroe. She’s a professional teacher (“highly trained”, her own words in a TV interview) who used to teach (until this week) at Central Bucks East High School in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. And she hates her students. Ms. Munroe rather idiotically flipped out this week, and posted a blog calling her students many […]

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