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More violence and death in a Public School

By Steven David Horwich

It’s happened again. Just this morning. In a small town in Ohio, population just over 5,000.  Middle America. The cradle of the country, a place where such acts should simply be unthinkable, the unthinkable has happened again. A student at a High School brought a gun to class. The gun was, again, not seen until […]

A Full Response To An Overprivileged Teacher

By Steven David Horwich

I received a response to a post today. It’s from a brave woman named Linda. (I mean it when I call her “brave”, she knew what she was in for if she’s been reading the posts here.) She’s a teacher, and she responded to my post dealing with teachers unions and why they need to […]

To Teacher Union Or Not To Teacher Union, That Is The Question

By Steven David Horwich

I’m not very interested in politics any more. I used to be when I was young and believed that most people, even those I disagreed with, were at least idealistic. I believed that politics was as it promotes itself to be, “the art of the possible”. I’m better now. Politics is most certainly not the […]

Comments on The State of the Union and Education, 2011

By Steven David Horwich

Last night, President Obama delivered his State of the Union speech for 2011.  I’m not going to get into whether or not one should support his political aspirations, as it is not germane to what I’m going to discuss.  I do want to talk about education in America, and government’s involvement in same. President Obama, […]

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