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In Jackson, Mississippi, They Handcuff ‘Em!

By Steven David Horwich

Tweet (A mom sent me this story. It’s very sad, indeed. The more I researched it, the more disgusting it got. If you believe in public education, read this and think again.) Not too long ago, I wrote about a young boy in a school who was pepper sprayed by police. The reason? Well, he […]

A New Tool To Handle Misbehaving Children – Pepper Spray!

By Steven David Horwich

Tweet He’s eight years old. His name is Aiden Elliot, and he went to school at Glennon Heights Elementary School, in Jefferson County, Colorado. At least that’s where the boy attended school until recently. Then, his life changed. Young Master Elliot claims to have a temper. This eight year old apparently blew up in a […]

A Horrible Week Demonstrates Why Education Matters

By Steven David Horwich

Tweet I haven’t written anything about education for this blog over the past week. It just didn’t seem like the right thing to do, with the various emergencies occurring in the world. Consider this past week! An 8.9 earthquake leads to a horrifying Tsunami (the Japanese word, by the way, for tidal wave), and decimates […]

Prince Charming Expelled From Virginia School For GOOD Manners

By Steven David Horwich

Tweet Okay, let’s start with this: you’re not going to believe this story. I don’t believe it. And since I am a writer, it would be an easy leap to think I’m making it up. I promise you that I’m not, and you’ll need to take my word for it. I found the story in […]

Rhode Island Teachers Dismissed From Class

By Steven David Horwich

Tweet Wonder of wonders! Miracle of miracles! And the world wakens from a rose-colored dream, yawns and shakes off sleepy delusions of adequacy, and discovers in the dark of early morning that the schools we send our kids to, and the alleged education that they receive in them, absolutely stink. All the teachers (over 70 […]

To Those Who Wrongfully Defend Natalie Munroe

By Steven David Horwich

Tweet In case you have not heard about her, Natalie Munroe was a teacher. She taught in a High School in Pennsylvania. She authored what she believed to be an anonymous blog in which she railed at her students. She variously labeled them “rat-like”, “frightfully dim”, “lazy whiners”, and suggested that their future employment was […]

A “Teacher” Gets It Dead Wrong – Again!

By Steven David Horwich

Tweet Her name is Natalie Munroe. She’s a professional teacher (“highly trained”, her own words in a TV interview) who used to teach (until this week) at Central Bucks East High School in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. And she hates her students. Ms. Munroe rather idiotically flipped out this week, and posted a blog calling her students […]

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