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A brief comment about the Conn. School Shooting

By Steven David Horwich

Tweet Hi, folks. I’ve thought about writing about this tragedy, but I just could not bring myself to do it. The whole thing is utterly depressing and enraging to me. What you’ll read here is the most and best I can do. I’ve been writing and talking for years about all the reasons people should […]

Close the Schools in 5 years, Part VIII – Families Prepare For The First Year Closures (Part II)

By Steven David Horwich

Tweet We’re discussing the “forces” which must be controlled or harnessed in order to homeschool successfully. Those forces are: – The parent (or homeschool teachers) ability to learn and teach. – Changing logistics and legalities. – The student’s needs, wants, interests and skills. There are others, but these will do to start this discussion. Let’s […]

Close the Schools in 5 years, Part IV – Developing a replacement for schools (Part II)

By Steven David Horwich

Tweet We were discussing the options families would be faced with as we close 1/5th of all public schools, each year. (I suggest strongly reading the previous article in this series. That said, here is it’s last paragraph: They would be heavily encouraged to take option number one – homeschooling. (Option two – private sector […]

Close the Schools in 5 years, Part III – Developing a replacement for schools (Part I)

By Steven David Horwich

Tweet WHY WE NEED TO DO THIS: We’ve been discussing closing all public schools in the United States. My plan includes the closing of 1/5th of the schools in each school district, each year over a five year period. This gradual closing of schools would allow families who will need time to morph into homeschooling […]


By Steven David Horwich

Tweet Ignorance is not its own reward, contrary to the beliefs of the ignorant. Ignorance is a contagious blight that can cripple the lives of far more than the ignorant. Here is a simple example. A few days ago, a friend and I went out for ice cream. We drove a while to our favorite […]

Another free webinar is on the way!

By Steven David Horwich

Tweet On Tuesday, March 29 at noon Pacific Standard time, I’ll be delivering another free webinar about homeschooling. This one will cover those difficult questions most parents ask themselves at some point in their homeschooling career, such as “am I doing the right thing?”; “Who am I to teach a child”; “Is my child actually […]

I’m doing a free webinar tomorrow about homeschooling

By Steven David Horwich

Tweet Hi folks, Tomorrow (Tuesday, March 8) at noon Los Angeles time, I’ll be delivering a free webinar about creativity and homeschooling. We still have room for more people to sign up. You can join in, and either listen or ask questions. (You need a phone. The same charges apply as if you were calling […]

A British Bad Man attacks homeschool.

By Steven David Horwich

Tweet This royal throne of kings, this sceptered isle, This earth of majesty, this seat of Mars, This other Eden, demi-paradise, This fortress built by Nature for herself Against infection and the hand of war, This happy breed of men, this little world, This precious stone set in the silver sea, Which serves it in […]

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