New Jersey Schools And Their Real Cost

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

I wanted to share a video that was brought to my attention this morning.  It shows how much money is REALLY being spent on New Jersey High Schools, and discusses where it may be going to.  The organization sponsoring the video doesn’t really interest me, as they seem to be involved in public schools and perhaps “fixing” them – which I believe to be not only impossible,  but unnecessary.   I think public schools should go away.   (Oops – just lost the interest of all those public school teachers who will do anything – ANYTHING – to protect their astonishingly destructive jobs.)

But the rest of the video is eye-opening.  One thing I like about it is that state legislators from both parties are on to the unbelievable waste of resources in their state.  What will they DO about it?  Hmmm.  Yet to be seen.

If you live in New Jersey, this should be fairly disturbing to you!   Money is tight, today!  Resources are hard to come by!  Budget cuts for everything imaginable are under serious discussion by government at every level.  This video quickly and simply makes it clear that an astounding amount of waste…and perhaps theft…is occurring, to the tune of many billions of dollars in just a few school districts in the Garden State alone.  With little or no oversight.

Who profits by this?  Well – who should be doing the oversight?  We could start with them.  Hey, Mr. Oversight…where’s the money going?!  Do your job!  Or perhaps, you are all-too aware of where the money is going. Mr. Oversight?  Maybe your real name is “Mr. Overlook?”   Hmmm?

I was shocked when I saw the Dept. of Education stated that some $550 billion a year is spent on public education every year. (It’s higher now.)  I thought when first exposed to this figure that it had to be wrong, had to be high.  But now, I think they’re lying.  It’s WAY to low.  And if teacher unions continue to have their way, things will continue to get worse.  Much worse.  As mentioned in the video (and get this one right), the average teacher in Jersey makes a salary in the $50,000+ range – but that does not include their benefits and perks, or the fact that this is pay for only 9 months work.  Benefits that kings would envy drive the cost way up, per teacher.   And given that there is no real oversight of each teacher’s work, no real evaluation done of their success/failure rate with students, and no recourse with teachers who do a bad job or worse, abuse children, except to move them to another school and so, hide the offender…well, New Jersey public school children pay the ultimate price.  As do public school children throughout the country, and as I’m discovering to my horror, really, throughout the world.

If you pay taxes, you really do need to see the video.

If you live anywhere and you still support public schooling, perhaps you will reconsider.  This video adds up very simple, readily found per-classroom costs for public High Schools in N.J.  It shows you where they got the numbers.  The numbers aren’t hidden, aren’t arcane.  But what happens to the money being spent most certainly IS hidden.

As you watch this, think about all those striking teachers in Chicago and elsewhere, paid tens of thousands a year more than other working folks in their city per year, with perks the average Joe can only dream of, working only nine months for that pay, and failing their students on a grand level, to an almost 50% drop-out rate in many districts.  Think of those crocodile teacher tears, the pictures of striking teachers crying out at the top of their strident voices that they were striking “for the children.”  Think about the one teacher who broke down in tears in front of a classroom of kids, complaining about how the teachers are overworked and underpaid, in the hopes that they would go home and spread the word to mom and dad.  Think about all the lies teachers and teacher unions have put out there for decades about their “value” to society”, and why should be willing to pay any amount of money because it’s all “for the children,” when in fact, it was all for the bank accounts of teachers sometimes collecting many hundreds of thousands of dollars in retirement, the same in perks, etc.  Think about how you’ve been lied to over and over, and how these people have bilked the American people on a grand level – as levels of literacy drop, unemployment skyrockets, and it becomes ever clearer that our schools have not only failed, but placed the country in a hole it may take generations to dig out of.  Start to wonder where all the money might be really going.

And for heaven’s sake, get angry about it!  Then start writing others, share the news, get moving!  Write your local politicians.  Write Jersey and complain to it’s governor, let’s see if he really plans to do the right thing.  Maybe he will.  Jersey has gone through rough times of late – of all states, it can ill-afford this kind of waste at this time.

Skip the intro to the video if you like, get into the figures.

Take a look:  Click Here

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