My 2013 New Year’s Wishes For You

Monday, December 31st, 2012

Happy New Year, everyone!

May this be a stellar year for you and yours.

May the blessing that is homeschooling be discovered and enjoyed by many millions of new families and students.  May this blessing and right be held inviolate and secure by enlightened  governments and representatives.

May this year’s homeschooling be illuminated with triumph, adventure, and the faces of your children daily alight with inspiration and understanding.

May a loving, supportive, admiration-based approach to education “go viral”.

May the day of the test, the report card, and the student evaluation come to a whimpering end.  May the destructive critique-based form of education that currently demolishes the lives of tens of millions of children die a quiet death in some dark and forgotten corner.  May students suddenly and breathtakingly find themselves empowered to study at their own pace, in a manner best suited to each individual student.  May the grim lies that are “this student is behind”, “this student is remedial”, and “your child needs a state-approved and enforced drugging (read “Ritalin”)” go directly to the hell hungrily awaiting them.  And may the pressure of enforced and joyless education be transformed into the joy of education for every student, as the artificial and man-devised methods of creating that pressure give way to the joy of each child’s innate curiosity and desire to learn.

May each student discover one or more subjects that they love, and may they then find themselves gifted by those “in charge” with 100% support to follow up.  In this way, may every student discover studies they pursue on their own with a will, things they love to do, and perhaps even a private calling just made for them.

May you, as a parent, be allowed to fully witness the joy of discovery and learning in your child, and may you be wise enough to know it when you see it.

May your families grow closer and stronger, and your hopes for your children bask in the light of a bright and wonderful day.

(And yes, I even have a few New Year’s wish for public school teachers!)
May public school teachers have a sudden, inexplicable stroke of conscience and go on strike to end National Standards, along with all forms of labeling and standardized testing.  After all, teachers claim they HATE National Standards and the testing associated with them.  They claim that these prevent them from successfully teaching.  Well, teachers ARE the system, and they can change it.  So let them strike to end national standards, and let them stop using those standards and tests as the all-too-useful excuse and shield for public education’s systemic failure.

May public school teachers stop lying that they are striking “for the children”, as one such teacher claimed with tears in her eyes before a class of students in Chicago, while they actually strike for more teacher pay, teacher benefits, and teacher job security…and rarely so much as learn the names of their students.

May the truth win out, may it find it’s way onto the tongues and into the hearts of public school teachers and administrators, to the final advantage of our children, families, and civilization.

May this be the year we truly start to educate our children.

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