Lies About Public Education (Part Three) – You Can Trust Teacher

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

(I want to thanks R.P.  for bringing this story to my attention again.)

Folks, I choose not to take up politics when it comes to education and our children. I make that choice because I feel that both parties and nearly every politician have failed our families in regards to education. They support and adhere to a “business as usual” approach.

Sure, they argue about the size of each classroom, and whether or not to nickle and dime school building repairs, that sort of utter nonsense. But why argue about the size of classrooms? 10 kids or 40, classrooms do not and cannot work. Teachers “trained” in the current approach (current for decades now) provide us outstandingly high drop-out rates, and increasingly dumbed-down criteria. They need seating charts to get the names of their students right.

Why worry about the quality of buildings when what is happening inside them is so foul? There’s nothing to debate about the some 550 BILLION dollars a year spent on public education, to support a system that often graduates less than ½ the students who start in it, and when it does, provides them no preparation for life. High School grads can’t get good jobs, and we all know it, including teachers. If the graduating student then goes to college, he is required to do 1-2 years of “basic education” – after 12 years of school! Why? Because the colleges feel that students learn next to nothing while in school! And then when and if the student graduates college ( a very small percent of those who started the public school route)…they will have a VERY hard time finding work. Why? Because the college failed to prepare them for life!

Sound like a good system to you? Think we need it? It serves some of the people, some of the time? I understand how you feel. A lifetime of P.R. to get past, it’s a lot. Keep reading, please.

Despite the remarkable track record of failure we clearly see in the statistics for public schooling, we the public are admonished day in and day out for decade after decade that teachers are good people. We are instructed to believe that teachers work hard for meager pay. We are taught that teachers do what they do because they love children, and they are called.

And in a few cases out of every hundred or so, this may well be the truth. The rest is pure, avaricious and unholy P.R.

I guess the facts don’t matter, not when you’re discussing “P.R.” The reality is that teachers are gruesomely overpaid. They also have benefits most of America would kill for. Remember that Chicago teacher strike just a few months ago? The result? Well, it did nothing for kids, even though the teachers claimed they were “doing it for the children”. There were no issues on the table that benefited students in any way. But Chicago teachers were guaranteed a raise over the next four years – from an average 0f $72,000 to $80,000. Yes, I said an “average”. I recently was informed that a retiring teacher in Chicago could count on a retirement worth far more than most working people are paid for their daily labor. For a drop-out rate in Chicago that is stupefyingly high! For horrific results across the board, they got a raise. The average teacher pay in Chicago is now almost $50,000 MORE than the pay of the average employee in other business in Chicago!   Why, that’s absolutely top dollar!

So let’s end off on “teachers are underpaid and overworked”.  It’s a lie.

Who do we have to thank for such a successful business maneuver, one that also guaranteed it would continue to be impossible to fire a teacher, or even review how one was performing in Chicago?! Why, every day, Chicago teachers bow to the East, and send their dollars of thanks to their Teacher Union. Yes, a very well-paid and well- supported teacher union. Oh, it’s good business to go into teaching, tell your kids! Guaranteed jobs, no way you can be fired, extraordinarily high pay, great benefits, all abuses forgiven! Teaching is a very good business.

And make no mistake – public education is a business. One with powerful protections for teachers from their thug-like unions. Why, a teacher can be an out-and-out felon, a child abuser of the worst kind – good luck getting rid of him or her.

You don’t believe it? It can’t be true! You send your kids to public schools? You support public education? You believe all that hype you’ve had drummed into your ears? Teachers, they’re good, hard working people who care for your kid well!

Okay, you’ve bought in. I understand.  So…watch this Anderson Cooper story (link below). Do it because you care about your children, and because the truth is important.

Please don’t excuse this away as a unique or isolated case. Every year, hundreds of such cases are reported. Few ever make it to the public’s attention, the teacher union and their well-paid attorneys sees to it that such stories get buried quickly. And who can say how many thousands of such abuses, out of terror and pressure, are NOT reported, are never reported?

After all, who would believe a child over a teacher? Maybe not even mom and dad.

Most children do not report abuses. They wouldn’t think of it. A teacher can damage a child in so many ways. Bad grades, bad “reports” to parents and others, ostracization in the classroom…so many ways beyond the more obviously abusive methods as illustrated in the Anderson Cooper story, and in so many other stories. Besides, a child is taught from a very early age to respect and obey adults, particularly parents and teachers. WE, you and I, were taught that as kids, just as our parents were taught it.

It’s one of the worst lies out there.

Yes, sure, you can trust SOME teachers, but not many that are found in public schools. Look at their horrible results! Take some time to read some of the other articles on this site, illustrating teacher abuses few of us would have believed possible. I did not, until I really started to look about ten years ago!

The statistics don’t lie. Teachers, their unions, and politicians lie.

And yes, Teachers, their unions and politicians often deserve to be placed in a similar category of self-serving hypocrites pretending to serve the public interest while generally and often feeding at the public trough. The story you watched is a clear example of collusion between politicians, teachers and their union to maintain a very destructive (and profitable) status quo.

As a group, teachers are overpaid, unproductive, destructive, and a horrific drag on our nation and our civilization. I will grant you that is a controversial statement. Remember, I said “as a group”, and that indicates that there may be exceptions. May be. But I question anyone who would support and be part of a system with results like those at Miramonte (the Cooper story), where a child abuser was paid tens of thousands of dollars to walk away from his feeding grounds.

Of course, some people will do anything if the pay is good.

You can trust teacher?


Trust them to do what?
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5 comments on “Lies About Public Education (Part Three) – You Can Trust Teacher”

  1. Russell Person says:

    Hi Steven,
    I like what you wrote about the failures of schools and teachers in the public school system. The Anderson Cooper story takes it another step further and proves that the CTA “supports” (buys) their votes from politicians who swear they support education. Das Williams is a good example. He received $30,000 from the teachers union and would not vote to make it easier to fire teachers who molest, act violently toward, or engage our youth in drugs. He said it was too far reaching and failed to elaborate. I hope others have decided that they have had enough and vote these people who care so little for our children out of their jobs!

  2. Hi Russell, agreed…but WHO? Who DO you vote for? Given that all politicians at least make lip-service in support of the current educational system, and for teachers…where do we turn?

    I do not believe politics is a part of the answer to education. I think we need to rally the millions of homeschoolers, and build a huge homeschool movement that has a clear-eyed understanding of the failure of schools and teachers, and the politicians who support them. By homeschooling, each of us has “bypassed” the corruption of the “system” of public schooling, and the potential harm it can wreak on our children. I really believe that same choice needs to be made by many millions more. As families flee the public schools for reasons that are clear and rational, and as public schools increasingly loose funding (they’re paid by head count, generally), there will be fewer jobs for “teachers”, less cash flowing into their evil (yes, that’s the word I’m using) unions, and less power wielded in general by public education and its supporters.

    And to that end, I write these articles and hope people will read them. Thanks again for bringing the Cooper story to my attention. I think he presented his case very well and tried not to restate his story, but to amplify its meaning, to present it for what it is – a universal issue in our public schools.

  3. You don’t have to be a preschool teacher or someone specializing in this to know that this is WRONG. There are so many teachers that have no idea about how to teach effectively and they have no idea how to teach different learning styles.Do you hear me is different from do you understand. For some reason, the stupid schools think that every child is an advanced learner. Teachers have GOT to understand that especially at this age, children are growing, figuring out their learning style-and not every child will understand something right away.It is nothing but pure ignorance for a teacher to not understand that.I hate how these idiots can get to be teachers and yet when a good person wants to get into this career they can’t because they have trouble meeting the graduating requirements.Bottom line- Do you hear me refers to a child not paying attention or having a wandering mind. That may be due to age and maturity, but it very well may be a learning disability.Do you understand is just their way of asking if the child is paying attention.

  4. Teachers are good people, but when all these extreme wackos invented the NEA and all the other political curses that set policy for the education of our children it becomes very obvious that the only place education can go is down. When politicians, who can NEVER agree on ANYTHING set curriculum policy for children, only our children reap the curse of the monster that this stupidity created which is dumb children with zero IQ.
    If anybody has heard of the Klinton governor’s shool in Arkansas you will know where political intervention into education will lead. Before Klinton took office as governor of AK the educational rating of AK was around 15. By the time he was done and became president, and destroyed many geniuses with his governors shool, the state achieved a whopping 47th place in education overall in USA. PITIFUL INDEED!
    Let’s remove ALL POLITICS from our children’s education. There is no need for politicians aka crooks to ruin the future of USA by dumbing down our children, who are the future of USA!

  5. Hi Jeff,

    Well, thanks for writing, but you’re just plain wrong about teachers being “good people”. Teachers who accept pay…and a LOT of pay…to produce the terrible results public school teachers habitually produce are NOT good people, not at all! They are not just “a part” of the system or a part of the problem – they ARE they system. They’re slavishly following all the mandates given them. They never strike to end nationalized standards and testing, or to end the labeling and drugging of children. Nope – they only strike for teacher pay, teacher rights, and teacher perks. You can blame anyone and everyone else but the teachers…and I suspect that you may BE a teacher, or be married to one, or related to one…but it’s all a flat-out lie. If you accept money to harm others, you’re a bad person. That’s what teachers do, and they generally know it. That’s why teachers and their unions are so active in pointing fingers at everyone else – politicians, families, the kids they teach – their LOUSY results are never their fault. Nonsense. Wake up.

    SURE, YES, all politics should be removed from education. Clearly, the government either does not know how to educate, or they are willfully mis-educating and under-educating our children. And by the way, BOTH parties are equally culpable. You’re after Clinton? (and PLEASE learn to spell the name – he was President. Just makes you look not very bright.) What about that immortal garbage, “no child left behind”. What about Bush announcing that science and math would henceforth be the focus of all education in the United States. Yes, ALL politics need to go where education is concerned. ALL of it.

    But so do teachers and their unions.

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