At last! The Courts speak and teacher unions LOSE!

Sunday, July 13th, 2014

In a landmark and courageous decision, a judge in California has struck down laws protecting bad and abusive teachers.  And boy, are the teacher unions upset!  They can see those dues just slipping away, their power being finally questioned in a public and legal forum, their choke hold on American politics and the lives of families and children and what they so amusingly call “education” in America ending.

Free at last!  Free at last!

Until this past week, teachers were utterly safe in their jobs.  And I mean safe in ways no other industry can (or should) claim.  One out of every 125,000 teachers or so would be fired annually from a public school job – and you can imagine what that one in 125,000 had to do to be fired, since teachers who abuse and sexually abuse students do not get fired.  Not with the huge amounts of money teacher unions spend to protect them in court.  Most schoopl districts won’t even try to fire a teacher, knowing what it will cost in court fees.  Wonder why education is so utterly rotten in America?  What industry can survive being forced to employ thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of truly unqualified, lousy, uncaring employees, pay them what for most of us would be significant money, have them fail at their jobs daily for years, decades?

None.  Only public school teachers have “enjoyed” such monstrous protections.

Until now.

And, um, by the way, what sort of people would protect child abusers against the law and children?  Teacher unions, that’s who, regularly, to the tune of $500,000 per case on occasion.  Because for the unions, it is not “all about the kids”, as one teacher wept with crocodile tears during the execrable teacher strike last year in Chicago, during her brief moment on national TV.  On no – as the union’s 60 plus striking points made very clear, it was, is, and always will be all about teachers, teacher pay, teacher perks, teacher rights.  Not one point their union placed on the table during their strike benefited a single child.  The teachers got huge pay raises and perks – the city of Chicago got the shaft.

So this week, laws protecting tenured teachers in California from being dismissed were found to be…well, unconstitutional,m by a Los Angeles judge!  Can you beat that!  Teacher unions supporting unconstitutional laws?  would they do such a thing?  The very people who teach our children civics?  Of course they do, every day, for decades.  Because not only is it not about the kids where the unions are concerned – it’s also not about the well being of the nation.

Oh, yes, the union is “outraged”, and they are going to appeal.  They will tell their usual pat lies about how this will hurt children.  But it is a lie, of course.  How can firing BAD teachers hurt school kids?  It’s just common sense, of the sort they don’t teach kids any more in public schools – and teachers hope they’ve weeded out of the American psyche.  How else will they survive the storm to come, the one they have built out of the hot air of their endless claims that they serve our kids – while failing tens of millions of them!

Those 3 million or so quite-well-paid public servants are already crying “unfair”, and “poor us,” the usual rant we all hear when teachers and their unions are outed.  How dare we pick on teachers, right?  Public school teachers, underpaid, overworked, as they tell us endlessly.  And teachers will tell you that it’s all the fault of “the system”- why, it’s the system’s fault for the failure of 25-50% or more of kids throughout the country (the number varies in different parts of the country.)  When they do, note, dear reader, please note, please pay heed to the fact that those very teachers ARE the system.  They are the “delivery” part of the system.  They deliver exactly what they’re “ordered” to deliver.  They do not rock the boat.  They accept paychecks to deliver what they claim they realize is failed curriculum, and do so with proven disastrous methods.

But they’re “working to fix it all”…which is why they strike all too often, for greater pay, greater teacher perks, etc…but never to end National Standards imposed by government (for decades, this is not one political party at work, it’s all of them), and which teachers claim injures their ability to teach effectively.

Well, okay, teachers – strike.  Start.  Today.  Not for pay.  Not to defend your tenure, and the many, many child abusers in your ranks.  Nope.

Strike for kids.  Strike to end standards.  Strike to support the families and parents who have withdrawn their kids from rotten schools that fail every other child who has the great bad fortune to live in the wrong school district. (That would be almost every school district, by the way.)  Strike in favor of constitutional protection of children over abusive teachers.

And until you teachers do the right thing, until you fire the abusers and losers among you and remember that you serve at the good graces of families and communities, that it’s not the other way around, then you can expect the attacks on your “profession” to grow ever more virulent.  You brought it on yourself.  And teachers, don’t bother to write me with your diatribes – I’m rooting for the end of Public Education – and you’re the reason.  All children can and should receive educations that improve their lives in as many ways as possible.  But that long ago stopped being the goal of public ed.  You people have absolutely NO credibility at all.  And the country is waking to this fact…even judges!

If you’d like to know about the landmark case this week, that may make such a difference in education, read these articles.

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