HORRIBLE abuse of children at the Judge Rotenberg Center

Saturday, May 5th, 2012

OK, this is HORRIBLE!

I’ve gotten a lot of reports recently about abuses in schools – too many to write about, and today I’m trying to discuss children’s rights.  That said, this one just can’t be ignored.

Take a look at the article at the link below, with the warning and understanding that the video found there  is VERY disturbing.  It’s about a “center” that “specializes” is special care children, and the center’s way of handling children who do “abusive things” like, in one case of a non-verbal student, trying to hold a teacher’s hand.  (Now, there’s a crime worthy of torture, right?)  The center excuses away this physical abuse of children as a “part of the treatment”.  (I would NOT show this video to children, especially young children!)  I want to warn you, you will doubtless find this pretty upsetting.  It is pure madness.   Take a look (if you can stand it), and then read on below.


The people in this video were entrusted with the care of the helpless, and they certainly did take full advantage of this child’s helpless condition despite his loud, unavoidable and desperate pleas for aid and mercy.  Actually, I made a mistake in that last sentence.  These are not people . They electrocute children.  They can’t be human.

Yes, the Judge Rotenberg Center “cared” for children in much the same form as too many teachers in public schools  do who sexually or emotionally abuse children.  This particular abuse just happened to have been more literal and obvious – an abuse caught on camera. And as the article in the Huffington Post makes clear, the Center fought long and hard to keep you from seeing this video.  Hmm.  Wonder why.

And these creatures “care” for children, children given unto them by parental consent or by governmental demand.  We gave the “caregivers” permission to do as they do, at least on some level.  I imagine we even PAID for it out of our taxes.  After all, electricity costs money.  I pay my electric bill, so I’m pretty sure of this.  If you’re going to electrocute a child over and over again as a part of “handling” him, well, someone must pay for the electricity.

Parents, families abdicated their divine and what should be an absolute right to raise their own child (so long as they do not abuse that child), and in favor of an institution that provided torture as its means of control.  Families also surrendered the responsibility for raising a difficult child, and all that can be said is shame on them for not fighting for their children to their last breath.  The children paid for it in the worst possible way.  For those families that DID fight, who continue to fight against a government’s “right” to take children away and place them in such hell holes, I guess all that can be said is good, keep fighting for your children.  We ALL need to be involved somehow in that fight.

It’s funny, such abuses against children have long been documented, and often by no less a personage than Charles Dickens and Mark Twain.  Yet they persist.  When are we going to wake up and do the right thing?

No human being should be treated this way, not for any reason.  However, as the people who did this are not human, perhaps they could be presented a few doses of their own standard treatment?  Perhaps the court could consider this?  And in deciding how severe a punishment these officials receive, perhaps the jury or judge should sample a brief version of one of the center’s “treatments” themselves, just to really understand what these children were put through?  Then, let the evil creatures who did this beg for mercy, as the child in the video does.  And let them receive a similar mercy.  While we’re at it, by whose orders, whose directives was this considered appropriate, or “therapy”?  Let’s offer them up a little legal therapy, as well.  Please, let’s not let the instigators go this time.

So where are we with our educational and child care institutions in the U.S. today?  Where are we headed?  Remember, this is just one of thousands, and more likely tens of thousands of abuses this year.  And there are far more abuses never reported, abuses that occur in the dark corners of institutions all over the county.

For those of you who are crying out red-faced, “spare the rod and spoil the child”, I’d like to inform you that we like to consider ourselves civilized, today.  Torture is supposedly frowned upon.  Beating a child – or in this case, electrocuting one repeatedly – is torture.  It is also a violation of law.  It is assault and battery at the least.  This particular version also seems to me a form of organized rape.  Of a child.

The great American historian, Will Durant, wrote a lot about what a civilization is.  One thing he pointed out is that as civilization evolves, the constructive or pro-survival acts of one age become crimes in the next age.  For instance, perhaps long ago, the ability to kill another person allowed one’s self and one’s family to survive, to eat.  Today we call it murder, because we have moved on as a civilization.

At one time, punishing a child, perhaps even severely, might have been seen as a way of educating him in the ways of the world, though I sort of doubt it.  I think it is and has always been the act of a big person demonstrating power over a small person in a sadistic manner, and really nothing more than that.  No one learns much from being beaten except that they do not wish to be beat again.  Today, beating a child.,.. ELECTROCUTING A CHILD… FOR ANY REASON… really can’t be seen in any light except as a criminal act of the darkest sort, an act of the strong – entrusted with the care of the weak – taking brutal and even injurious advantage.  In the end, folks, I do not care what this young man “did” to “deserve” this “treatment”.  The officials at the center claim they were just following their “standard treatment”.  Oh, I’m sure that’s true.  Another reason to close their doors forever and send the perpetrators to a high security prison.

Civilization exists in large part to protect the weak.  Watch this video and ask yourself, are we doing a good job with that one?  We certainly have utterly failed the weak at the Judge Rotenberg Center, as we have in the tens of thousands of teacher abuses that occur each year.  Don’t believe it, huh?  Talk to the thousands, the millions of homeschoolers who yanked their kids from schools, often for this very reason.  I’ve personally received hundreds of accounts, much to my sorrow.

Based on so many reports that come my way, the Judge Rotenberg center is not merely a holdover from some grim Dark Ages past, but it is also a sign of the direction we seem to be going.  I can only assume from this terrible abuse that children have NO rights whatsoever.  You would not treat a bad dog this way, folks – not if you didn’t want to end up in jail.

Look at the number of “adults” present in the video!  You know… “professional educators” and “care givers”.  This was an organized effort to abuse a child, well-coordinated and approved institutionally.  Let us hope that the legal system is at least as efficient in sending these monsters somewhere where they will never again hear the sound of a child’s voice.

Poor Judge Rotenberg.  I’m certain he is or was a fine representative of our legal system, though I know nothing about the Judge.  I do know that I would not want a hellish institution like this one with my name on it.  Not much of a tribute, a legacy, a thing to be remembered by.  If  still with us, perhaps the good judge can sue?  Perhaps the judge’s estate would like to sue for defamation of character?  Just a thought.  What sane jury would not award damages?

Hey, people of Massachusetts, this doesn’t make you look too wonderful, either.  Protect your reputation!  Sue these people into the stone age!  After sending them to jail.

At least turn off their electricity.

This was just one of so many reports I’ve received about teacher abuses  over the past few months.  I used to write about the worst of them, but frankly, it became emotionally exhausting and so very depressing.  This one was just too much to ignore.

We have to do much, much better than this!  Because if this is all we are capable of, we scarcely deserve to be called a civilization.

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2 comments on “HORRIBLE abuse of children at the Judge Rotenberg Center”

  1. http://collingswood.patch.com/articles/cherry-hill-dad-tells-youtube-teachers-bullied-my-autistic-son

    Here is another well publicized event of teacher abuses upon students. After taking my youngest child out of public school for so MANY reasons, these articles and stories whether published or happening in my own district are just so upsetting. We, as responsible parents, expect that when our children go to school that is it a safe environment run by responsible adults. That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. So many teachers just don’t have the experience, education, authority or compassion to be in charge of our children. I see it all too often! I get in a dig whenever I can regarding so-called “anti bullying” programs in the public schools. These students do NOT have anyone to go to about abuses, bullying, inappropriate behavior or any other concern or worry! And worst of all is the fact that the teachers are bullies, themselves! I can’t begin to count the number of times I’ve commented to a public school teacher, “if you aren’t intelligent enough to deal with these children without screaming, degrading, insulting or bullying them then perhaps you should find a different line of work.” I spent far too much time advocating and defending my children’s right to a peaceful and safe school environment. It makes me sad to imagine all the students suffering these environments without ever saying a word or without anyone ever sticking up for them.

  2. Hi Buffy,
    Yes, these stories are very upsetting. And at the same time, you’re right, who knows how many such abuses go unmentioned? There are so many that do come to light, one can only assume that these are the tip of a very large and deadly iceberg.

    I’ve written about the fact that students who are abused cannot go to administrators or teachers because these “adults in charge” often are abusers, or align themselves with and protect the abusers. Placing school personnel in charge of anti-abuse programs feels a lot like placing the fox in charge of the hen house.

    Let’s see what the courts do. Personally, I don’t believe the punishments to these sadists can be too severe.

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