Homeschoolers – You’re Not Alone! Here’s Why!

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

Why do people homeschool?

Let’s start with the fact that people DO homeschool. Even the U.S. Department of Education claimed that over 1.5 million American children were being homeschooled in 2007. (And this number is heavily skewed and limited, wildly inaccurate. It is NOT to the Department of Education’s advantage to admit that children are leaving their schools by the millions!) Their own statistician at that time made it clear that the numbers would keep climbing. In fact, all sorts of numbers are bandied about. Their admitted to number closes in on 3% of ALL children schooling in the United States – and it is not accurate or truthful. The real number is far higher. But even if there was only a “lowly” 1.5 million in 2007 (probably 2 million now, per their numbers), well, what does that say about the failure of our schools and their failure to educate? What does it say about the changing landscape of education in America? (And what does it say about where the political power may be headed in the near future regarding education? Homeschoolers, UNITE!)

Why do people homeschool? Well, a poll in 2007 came up with this result:

• Concern about the school environment, including reasons such as safety, drugs or negative peer pressure – 88 percent
• A desire to provide religious or moral instruction – 83 percent
• A dissatisfaction with academic instruction at other schools – 73 percent
• Nontraditional approach to children’s education – or “unschoolers” who consider typical curriculums and standardized testing as counterproductive to quality education – 65 percent

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While it is true that every family will homeschool for their own reasons, this poll does present us with some interesting trends. These include concern for our children’s safety; a lack of willingness by schools to acknowledge that religion exists (any religion) in the educational dialogue; disastrous educational results; and a desire to try something more personal and workable for an individual child rather than punishing them with the rigid and impersonal format provided by schools public and private. These are compelling reasons to homeschool. In fact, they are compelling enough to guarantee that the growth of homeschooling will remain stratospheric. Add to these facts the unique and personal needs of challenged children, needs that few if any schools are equipped to fulfill. Add the undeniably superior test scores homeschoolers have over all forms of schooling.

Why is it that everyone isn’t homeschooling? Could it have something to do with politics, and teacher union lobbyists?

Ah, the argument is often heard, but homeschooling does not prepare a child to exist in a social world, one in which we must interact with others on a professional level. The homeschooling student is too insular, too isolated.

Really? Read this, per the CBS Interactive Business Network:

As the homeschool movement goes mainstream, it is converting thousands of parents fed up with perceived shortcomings in public education. The number of homeschooled children has tripled over the past decade. Those in the first wave have graduated, gone to college and entered the workforce, and now employers are getting their first glimpse of what homeschoolers can do. Anecdotal reports show that homeschoolers are thriving. Long before they get their first full-time jobs, many have accrued years of experience through apprenticeships, part-time employment or work in their own enterprises or in their families’ businesses.

“They’re well-versed in basic business principles,” says Gary Knowles, professor of adult education at the Ontario Institute of Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. Knowles, who has studied home-educated adults, says, “There’s a sense that if they want to do something, they can. They have discipline to either run their own business or become quite focused employees.”


Read the rest of their article. (Finish here first, please.) You’ll find that graduated homeschoolers are, well, um…actually THRIVING in the workplace! In fact, they do far better than their “peers” who have graduated from public schools – or, as the case in as many as fifty percent of the students and higher in many large cities truly is – the public school students who dropped out of public and private schools before ever graduating.

Here’s the point, homeschoolers. You are not alone. You are a part of an army of individual thinkers who have decided that things are not going well in the world, and who have taken responsibility above and beyond the call of duty. In fact, there are more homeschooling children in the U.S. than there are enlisted members of the United States’ Army, at about 1.2 million soldiers!

The easy thing for a parent to do, the cheapest in terms of financial and time investment, is to simply ship the kids off to public school. It is also the wrong thing to do. The numbers don’t lie. The best educational hope for a child’s future is homeschooling. But using our failed and ruinous schools is the easy thing. Schools absolutely count on you to do the easy thing. Public and private schools all get paid by head count. The more students they suck in (and ruin), the more they get paid. Simple as that. And they will tell you anything to get you to do the easy thing. After all, you’re busy! You’re tired! You already pay for public schools with your taxes, surely in this economy you can’t afford another investment in your child’s education. What do you know about education? Who are you to educate your child? You should leave it to the experts!

Truth is, you can’t afford not to invest in homeschooling. Your children cannot afford for you to not make the investment, their future relies on it. This civilization cannot afford to have families take the easy and ruinous route, resulting in entire generations of undereducated and spiritually defeated adults, entirely ill-equipped in every regard to lead, to set standards, to create a viable future.

I think the real question that should be asked at this time is why are there still schools? Clearly, they do not work. Clearly, we have a better option that millions of people are availing themselves of.

But you’re homeschooling, aren’t you? You already know all this!

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