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Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

The following is part of a series of articles on the rights and responsibilities of children and of families. On our site, we’ve published a Children’s Bill Of Rights, with all of the sections in the bill. You can take a look at Children’s Bill of Rights.

Let’s look at the rights and attendant responsibilities. First we’ll show the right, then in italics and in red, the child’s responsibility. I’ll follow each of these with my comments. I’ll keep the comment on each of these short.


Right to Their Own Ideas and Beliefs

Every child has the right to their own beliefs and ideas, including the right to involve himself or not in any given religion. This is the child’s right, regardless of the beliefs of his family, or of others around him.

You have the responsibility to be honest about what you believe or do not believe. You have the responsibility to respect other people’s beliefs, even if you do not share them.

This one is largely about respect. We are asking that the child respect whatever it is that he believes or does not believe, and that he stands by it until something in life occurs to change his mind. This is a form of self-respect.

Belief is an entirely intimate and personal phenomenon. In learning to protect and respect his own beliefs, a child learns to develop and appreciate his own abilities and perceptions… Read Entire Article…


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