Children’s Bill of Rights – Right to Inherit A Better World – Children’s Responsibilities

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

The following is part of a series of articles on the rights and responsibilities of children and of families. On our site, we’ve published a Children’s Bill Of Rights, with all of the sections in the bill. You can take a look at Children’s Bill of Rights.

Let’s look at the rights and attendant responsibilities. First we’ll show the right, then in italics and in red, the child’s responsibility. I’ll follow each of these with my comments. I’ll keep the comment on each of these short.


Right to Inherit A Better World

Every child has the right to expect the world that he will be a part of to be better than the world his parents were a part of when they were children. Children have the right to expect their parents to make the world better for the next generation. Every child has the right to know that there will be a future for him to grow into, and that he can be an active and important part of it.

You will have the responsibility to make the world better for your own children.

There’s a lot of talk in these articles directed at parents, enjoining them to… Read Entire Article…


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