This Blog Is Not A Democracy, So Save Your Rants

Friday, October 4th, 2013

Well, friends, some people got very riled up about one post here…a post that’s over a year old! This happened all of a sudden, and I received some hateful posts they expected to see in print. Several damned me to hell (literally). Those posts, obviously ridiculous rants and all of them lacking any common sense, were just emotion-driven drivel and will not be showing up here.

This blog is not “democratic.” It’s my blog, I pay for it. I decide what shows up here. Over the years, I’ve allowed MANY posts antithetical to my message to appear, and used them to make counter-arguments to demonstrate my own points. But let’s be clear, I ALLOW them to appear and to be read. And I have never posted or responded to rants. Fortunately, until recently, I haven’t had many rants sent here to respond to, for which I am grateful.

Most of the people who write have enough sense, even when they disagree, to attempt to be polite and intelligent. And most responses I receive are in agreement with what I’m trying to accomplish here – the protection of children, families and the nation from a public school system gone mad, one that can only be shut down now.

Just please understand, folks, I won’t publish your rants. You’re just writing and shouting to the air, sending them to me. I won’t read them past the first sentence or so, either. As soon as I recognize a rant, it’s spam, trash and forgotten. So it’s your time and energy to waste. This blog is not a “network,” I don’t have any “equal time” requirements. And as things stand, schools and teachers OVERWHELMINGLY get to have their say all over the media. This blog is a small voice, but one focused on shutting down public education and teacher unions. And though it is just one small voice, that does not mean that I’m not right. Many thousands of people have written me over the past decade or so to express their agreement.

So keep your rants to yourself. Save the electricity.

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