Atlanta Teachers Going To Jail! Why It’s Not Enough…

Wednesday, April 15th, 2015

This morning, 8 Atlanta teachers were sentenced to jail terms of up to 7 years, for their involvement in the falsification of student test scores…in order to increase their own pay.

Now, let’s start out with a simple understanding of what happened here.  Over 170 Atlanta teachers and administrators were caught red-handed, at parties and gatherings, changing student’s answers on standardized tests (which are a destructive joke to start with), to improve the student’s test scores.

Why would a teacher do this?  Why would a teacher not want to know the honest results of the faulty brand of education they’re shoving down kid’s throats?  Well, follow the money.   Improved test scores equaled improved pay for teachers, that’s how teacher incentives work, plain and simple.  And hey, you know the old, filthy, lying deceit that teachers and teacher unions have perpetrated for decades on a gullible public, shouted through tear-streaked faces at their many teacher strikes -those  poor teachers, underworked and overpaid…oops, got that backwards, didn’t I?   Did I?

Hmmm.   The $76,000 + benefits received by Chicago teachers who are in their first year in the system, for teaching 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, for nine months a year…yeah, that’s, um, lousy pay, right?  Right?  I mean, we all make $8,000 a month plus, plus benefits, we who usually work more than the 30 hour work weeks required of teachers, right?  Don’t we?   Well, that’s what teacher unions have got most people believing, that at these rates, they’re simply underpaid.

S, don’t you believe it.  It’s a great big sack of lies.

Given the truth, that teachers are usually paid quite well as it is, and given that they’re paid out of your tax money to teach the next generation, and given rampantly falling test scores, declining literacy and the rest of the educationally-based woes our culture has experienced these past 50 years or so, well…why should a teacher so blessed – a person who does not need to be remotely successful at his job to receive great pay and perks, why do they need further incentive to, um, show up and take roll?

A teacher’s “incentive” should be to do the job that they’re already well compensated for, and to help children.  What more incentive should be required?  Apparently, according to teachers, they not only require further financial incentive, but THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO FALSIFY STUDENT TEST SCORES, TO COMMIT FRAUD ON THE PUBLIC AND ON THE STUDENTS AND THEIR FAMILY, and all for the sake of increasing teacher pay.   It’s true.  Teachers think this is true, in the hundreds, in the thousands.  The 17o teachers, fantastically failing Atlanta’s children, mostly claimed that they had done nothing wrong.  They hadn’t anything to be repent, nothing at all, not in court or anywhere else.

Which is why the judge in the case, allowed to determine the penalties to be paid on the lowly 8 of 170+ that came before him, essentially threw the book at those teachers.

God bless that judge!  If only he’d been allowed to toss all of the 170 + offenders in jail for up to 7 years, as he did the worst three, perhaps Atlanta’s schools would shut down, and we would almost instantly see an improvement in the education of our young  in that fine, Southern metropolis.

Well, okay.  8 teachers and administrators are going to jail.  Very good.   A start, a real start.

It’s not enough.

These teachers were accused in court of “fraud.”  The definitions of “fraud” in Webster’s dictionary ably describe most public school “educators”, if we look at results instead of the P.R. pumped out by their noxious unions.  Take a look at two of the definitions of fraud found in Webster’s Dictionary:  1) “The crime of using dishonest methods to take something valuable from another person.”  2) “A person who pretends to be what he or she is not in order to trick people.”

So, as to definition (1),  “The crime of using dishonest methods to take something valuable from another person.”  Public school teachers claim to be experts in education while, in reality, tests and other methods of measurement clearly demonstrate a system-wide failure to educate.  So, their claims are clearly “dishonest.”  They certainly cash their paychecks with that understanding, which would constitute “something valuable” the teacher receives.  Public school teachers take their pay out of tax money, so the “from another person” part is you.  And as more and more kids graduate illiterate, incapable of holding down any job, incapable of doing research, incapable of critical thoughts, lacking any real skills they picked up in school…as more and more college grads discover they can’t get jobs because they do not have a sufficient education…well, I think it’s easy to argue that the public has been swindled by the loud lies of over 2,300,000 public school employees.  Swindled, cheated, defrauded…it’s all pretty much the same thing.

How about definition (2)?  “A person who pretends to be what he or she is not in order to trick people.”   Well, these “teachers” pretend to be a friend to families, communities, and children, while in truth, they decimate the future of all of the above.  Again, fraud.  They pretend to take full responsibility for your child’s welfare…while at the same time sending home thousands of hours of homework as the family’s responsibility!  And folks, we buy into this, even when the homework is “never quite enough” to get our kid’s all-important grades up.  Or their test scores up – yes, do that homework so your teacher can make her incentive pay, by all means.   We work with our kids as if, well…someone was paying US for educating our children.  Do I need to point out the lie in that?

Perhaps we should be considering the definition of “insanity”, and applying it to teachers, and to the families who buy in to their lies?

There is a third definition in  Webster’s for “fraud”.  “A copy of something that is meant to look like the real thing in order to trick people.”  Yes.  Well.  Chuckle, chuckle,you sure tricked a lot of people, teachers.  I guess you failed, though.  Failed to trick Fulton County Superior Court Judge Jerry Baxter.   Good catch, Judge!

Well, you can fool some of the people some of the time, etc.  And if people are never really taught to think, then maybe, someday, you’ll be able to fool all of the people all of the time!  Yes, sir!  And then, we’ll have the final, ultimate result of public education.  We’re getting closer every day, and all thanks to teachers like the infamous 170 of Atlanta.

In the meantime, to the eight teachers who are about to serve a well-deserved enforced vacation behind bars, well, buh-bye.  Atlanta – please remember the names of the 160 + teachers who, like those going to the clink, cheated your children for increased pay.  Get a list, check it twice.  When these “teachers” (read “frauds”) show up in your local school to teach your child, COMPLAIN VERY LOUDLY.  Get up a campaign.  Tell other parents that their kids are being taught by frauds.  Don’t buy the P.R.  Because folks, these are not good people.  They’re not even teachers.  They’re frauds.

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