A Woman Issues Her Educational Curse

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

A woman named Katherine responded to the last story, but unfortunately her response was lost in Internet limbo. It basically said that my last article (about Providence, Rhode Island firing its teachers) was idiotic (the most idiotic she’d ever read), and that she hoped that the schools all closed so that parents would have to educate their own children. She felt that would be the end of America, because, as she said (in somewhat illiterate terms, by the way), “Americans are so stupid.”

Sorry to break the news to you, Katherine, but millions of parents DO educate their own children. We call it “homeschool”. Homeschooled children on average have much better test scores then children in schools, public or private. The list of great writers, artists, politicians, you name it who have been homeschooled throughout history IS history, particularly American history. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Mark Twain, and on and on it goes, thousands of the most important people in history from all over the world. Have you heard of any of these people, Katherine? Probably not. The illiterate response you sent me sort of pegs you as a public school product. Good luck to you.

As for me, schools closing are no kind of tragedy. They are an overdue triumph of the system actually working for a change. Teachers have been held in no way accountable for their failures – and even their crimes. Often, when a teacher treats students poorly or destructively and the school district tries to fire that teacher, the feared and well-funded Teachers Union steps in to defend that teacher. It is long overdue, right and proper that the public schools come under much deserved scrutiny at last, and that many, many teachers and administrators and schools and, yes, even entire school districts receive the same sort of pink slips handed out in Rhode Island today.

As for parents “having to educate their children”, trust me, Katherine – we could not possibly do a worse job of it than the schools have. Our children are FAR safer at home than in the dubious care of schools which depend on metal detectors (that don’t work) to keep students alive. Safety is the very first job a school has! You really can’t teach a student who lives in fear, Katherine, a not uncommon condition for students in our public schools. At home, we are free to educate our children as we see fit, ignoring Federal and State guidelines that straitjacket education into a rigid and ineffective mold few children work well within. We are free to discuss subjects schools simply cannot, such as religion and politics. We are free to discover those interests and skills that our children wish to develop, and then pour available resources into bringing to fruition our children’s dreams – something almost no school, public or private, is equipped to do.

I do believe you intended your wish to be as curse, Katherine. I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I, and millions of people like me, see it as a blessing.

As you probably know, I am an advocate for homeschooling. It’s my belief that homeschooling potentially provides a student with a vastly superior education than schooling in any form. This is backed up by a lot of numbers and research. I’ve taught for public and private schools, at the University level, as a private instructor in thousands of workshops, and as a homeschool dad running a homeschool group. Homeschooling by far works best for most students- and most families.

But I understand that many parents do not believe they can effectively homeschool. They’ve been told that they “don’t have degrees,” and that they “aren’t qualified.” This is all nonsense, of course. You’re legally not required to have any kind of a degree to homeschool your kids anywhere in the U.S. A lot of people who have degrees and who call themselves “professional teachers” are simply awful, and even destructive at what they do. A lot of parents…hundreds that I know of…have homeschooled their kids right into universities and careers.

In a serious effort to make homeschooling easier to do, and more commonly successful in terms of education received, I’ve authored my own curriculum. It took some 15,000 hours to write, over more than a decade of work, and is intended to replace the need for schooling a student from age 5-Adult Continuing Education. The curriculum is called Steps (or “CTT”). It has been used by over 20,000 students worldwide over the past 10 years. Hundreds of “success stories” attest to how well CTT works.

CTT courses are written in a way that gradually allows the student to take over his own education. Each course itself largely does the teaching, relieving mom and dad of that duty unless they wish to use our daily lesson plans in various subjects as springboards for family discussion and discovery – as many families do, every day. The parent has the job of making certain the student is working and has what they need to study. (And you’ll need to find a good math program for homeschooling as we don’t provide one. There are many.)

Below are links to our site discussing each level of curriculum, and every subject at that level that we offer. (You can start any level at any time. We don’t have “semesters” that start at a certain time, and each course stands alone well.) You’ll find free videos describing how every subject and each level works. You’ll discover free samples of every course we offer. Our site offers many other services and surprises, including numerous free courses you can download and try out.

Starter is for ages 5-6, and for preliterate students of any age. It focuses on starting to develop literacy skills, while teaching about various subjects. Starter includes full two-year programs in Reading, History, Science, Creative Writing, and Living Your Life, courses that develop life and study skills for the youngest students. Every lesson plan at the Starter level works to develop literacy.

Elementary is for ages 7-8, and for students who are developing literacy. It includes two-year programs in Reading and Spelling, History, Science, Creative Writing (which also teaches the parts of language at this level), and Living Your Life courses which develop life and study skills in preparation for more advanced studies to come.

Lower School (ages 9-10) offers two-year programs in Study Essentials, Reading and Spelling, History, Science, Creative Writing, P.E. Electives, and in various arts such as Animation, Music Theory, and Acting. At this level, students must read fairly well, and studies are progressively turned over to the student.

Upper School (ages 11-High School, and Adult Continuing Education) provides programs in Study Essentials, Reading and Spelling, History, Science, Creative Writing, Current Events, Literature Guides, P.E. Electives, and in arts such as Animation, Acting, Music Theory, and Music History.

For parents who wish to teach at home, but are intimidated at the thought, and for parents who just wish to improve the homeschool experience, we offer a ten course homeschool program for homeschool teachers, as well as several books about education and homeschooling today.

We want you and your children to win with homeschooling!

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  1. Kim Kelsey says:

    Way To Go Steven!!!!! Katherine notice the grammatically correct sentence structure and spelling. We’re “homeschooled” and proud of it!

    From the Kelsey Clan

  2. Hi, Kim! Thanks for the support!

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