A New Report – Sexual Harassment Rampant In Public Schools

Monday, November 7th, 2011

A report put together by the American Association of University Women just came out this morning. If your children go to public schools, you’re not going to like what you’re about to read. Nonetheless, you need to read this.

The report immediately attracted mass attention from CNN, NBC, and other major news entities, and that’s good. People need to know about this.

The report is entitled Crossing the Line – Sexual Harassment At School.

The report deals with sexual harassment in public schools. It deals with the harassment of students. The survey asked almost 2,000 students, grades 7-12, if they had experienced sexual harassment in school.

48% of students questioned said that they HAD experienced sexual harassment in school – in the past school year!

They claimed to have been sexually harassed in numerous ways. Much of the harassment was verbal, taking the form of nasty jokes and comments, rumors and innuendo. And though some of you are mumbling “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”, you are not an impressionable, fragile child. Students claimed to have received sexual comments in texts, emails, and directly.

It gets worse. 56% of all girls said they’d been harassed at one time, and 40% of all boys. 67% of all students queried said that they had been sexually harassed at some time. The report further made clear that very little of the harassment gets reported to adults. We’ll get into why, shortly. These acts have damaged lives, according to the survey. 22% of those girls who were sexually harassed in school, and 14% of the boys, claimed to have trouble sleeping.

How bad is this? Many kids claimed they expect it – that it’s a normal part of their school day.

This is simply the result of a single survey – and it does not delve into sexual harassment perpetrated by teachers against students.

In 2004, a report actually commissioned by the Department of Education stated that between 6%-10% of public school children had been sexually harassed or abused by teachers and/or other school employees! That would be between 4-5 MILLION abuses, given the current population of public schools. That’s a lot of children, and the report is not from some half-baked fringe group – it’s the Department of Education, ratting on itself!

Did you hear about that report? Anyone read that report? Nope. Teachers unions and their friends in government shut it down very quickly. The report was prepared by a Hofstra University Professor, and the woman who prepared it said the actual number of abuse cases could be quite higher.

I personally have no way to verify the numbers in either report, but obviously if they are even remotely close to correct, well, you do not want your children in a public school. What we do know in that between 2007-2010, over 2,000 separate sexual abuse complaints were filed by students and their families against public school employees. And the majority of teachers and public school employees are let off the hook by the courts. After all, who’s going to believe a child over a teacher? And don’t think that repeat sexual offenders masquerading as teachers aren’t aware of this fact. They count on it.

Then there are the specific cases we hear about, those that manage to squeeze past the teacher union and governmental censors. Where can one go to see a list of school teachers and employees who have been accused of, or found guilty of abusing our children. Nowhere. The government has made certain not to keep a data base of teachers who sexually harm our children. Not the CIA, the FBI, nowhere can such a list be found.

It looks a lot like the government does not really want you to know what is happening in your kid’s school. But there’s the info from two reports, two credible organizations that have nothing to gain from such reports, and out of the mouths of the children themselves. The teachers aren’t stopping much of the student to student abuse, for 48% of all school children to experience such abuse. of course, if the Department of Education report is close to right, a lot of teachers are sort of busy sexually harassing children to stop other people from sexually harassing our children.

Of course children aren’t reporting harassment very often. They don’t trust most teachers, and they shouldn’t, given the above numbers. To be sexually harassed is very upsetting, and embarrassing in many cases. A kid’s life is tough enough without being harassed in the first place. To make it public that he or she has been harassed can only make it worse, at least in most children’s eyes. And once they file a report on someone harassing them, is that student safe in that school anymore? As if they were safe there in the first place? I think the answer speaks for itself.

If you’re not homeschooling, consider these reports, and consider the importance of keeping your child safe – a parent’s first priority. Then do the right thing.

Prisons are infamous for sexual harassment that takes place between prisoners, and perpetrated by guards. And now, schools do, too! Prisons use metal detectors, too, just like schools. Prisons allow the prisoners out for a small amount of P.E. each day, just like schools. Prisons have high walls and gates, just like schools. Prisons claim to “rehabilitate” and educate, just like schools.

But we’re talking now about children and schools. Should a child be in an environment that increasingly resembles prison? Well, Mom and Dad? Well, American voter? Are you really going to allow this to continue to happen to your son and daughter?

As you probably know, I am an advocate for homeschooling. It’s my belief that homeschooling potentially provides a student with a vastly superior education than schooling in any form. This is backed up by a lot of numbers and research. I’ve taught for public and private schools, at the University level, as a private instructor in thousands of workshops, and as a homeschool dad running a homeschool group. Homeschooling by far works best for most students- and most families.

But I understand that many parents do not believe they can effectively homeschool. They’ve been told that they “don’t have degrees,” and that they “aren’t qualified.” This is all nonsense, of course. You’re legally not required to have any kind of a degree to homeschool your kids anywhere in the U.S. A lot of people who have degrees and who call themselves “professional teachers” are simply awful, and even destructive at what they do. A lot of parents…hundreds that I know of…have homeschooled their kids right into universities and careers.

In a serious effort to make homeschooling easier to do, and more commonly successful in terms of education received, I’ve authored my own curriculum. It took some 15,000 hours to write, over more than a decade of work, and is intended to replace the need for schooling a student from age 5-Adult Continuing Education. The curriculum is called Steps (or “CTT”). It has been used by over 20,000 students worldwide over the past 10 years. Hundreds of “success stories” attest to how well CTT works.

CTT courses are written in a way that gradually allows the student to take over his own education. Each course itself largely does the teaching, relieving mom and dad of that duty unless they wish to use our daily lesson plans in various subjects as springboards for family discussion and discovery – as many families do, every day. The parent has the job of making certain the student is working and has what they need to study. (And you’ll need to find a good math program for homeschooling as we don’t provide one. There are many.)

Below are links to our site discussing each level of curriculum, and every subject at that level that we offer. (You can start any level at any time. We don’t have “semesters” that start at a certain time, and each course stands alone well.) You’ll find free videos describing how every subject and each level works. You’ll discover free samples of every course we offer. Our site offers many other services and surprises, including numerous free courses you can download and try out.

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We want you and your children to win with homeschooling!

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12 comments on “A New Report – Sexual Harassment Rampant In Public Schools”

  1. Kim Kelsey says:

    This is no different then when I went to school in the 1970’s. I personally know of two children who were sexually assualted by their school teach during school time. One was a third grade boy, (who happen to be my Aunt’s nehpew), and the second was a girl in my class in sixth grade. The teacher approached me and brother took care of him. No child should ever attend any school or other place without someone watching their back. Whether that is a parent or an older sibling.
    I would just say to the world this is nothing new. My Uncle’s who went to school in the 1940’s were sexually abused by a female teacher they both had. Not to mention other cases that have went on since the establishment of schools. It is about time people start doing something about the dirty little secrets that go on in the school system. They’ve known about this since day one and refuse to do anything about it! Hopefully people will start caring enough to stand up and say enough is enough.

  2. Absolutely agreed, Kim.

  3. But it became more vulgar these days.

  4. Hmm. I don’t know that the “level of vulgarity” much matters when we’re talking about child abuse.

  5. Perhaps one of the most appalling things about these reports is the teacher unions shut them down. With rampant pornography, this is a problem for all of society. Keeping the lid on it only makes it grow.

  6. Yes, teacher unions shut them down, as they do anything negative having to do with their memberships. They are millions strong, a huge voting block with a lot of money, and so government supports them in this effort. It’s very ugly. I think teacher unions are pretty much a public enemy and are the most responsible for the decline in education in America. I am NOT political, I no longer support either party or any political view as none of them are concerned, in truth, for children. They prove this with their disgusting actions where education is concerned, like the one under discussion.

  7. Teressa Ryan says:

    Anywhere a child is alone, they are vulnerable. With or without a parent! This is where and why society is accountable.
    Let’s step up the call to action when it comes to watching over our children.
    If you are the one who sees abuse or suspects it…you are the one accountable to report it

  8. This is true to a point, but in no way absolves offenders simply because “society is accountable”. I agree about the accountability to report.

    But schools are a special case. They insist that we hand our children over to them – attendance is mandatory in most places, and government enforced. (Watch how fast you’ll hear from Family Services or Child Services if you refuse to send your child when “required”.) Public schools are supposedly staffed with “trained adults” who ostensibly accept responsibility for our children, having forced those children into their care. That’s what their “P.R.” says. So abuses on the part of public school staffs and teachers and administrators is, I think, particularly disgusting and should be actionable with dire consequences. Unfortunately, teacher unions protect teachers who have committed offenses of all kinds, and make it almost impossible to fire them. Such unions are clearly NOT taking responsibility, as you describe. They are protecting the criminal at the expense of public and child safety.

  9. Hi. I know what you say is true. However, in our district, although in 3 years, two teachers have molested students, they both went straight to jail and stayed there quite a while. Just wanted to brag about a friend who is in charge of a wild little district here, but determined to set it straight, if possible. Rare but worth commendation, right?
    I am so thankful, though, that we did homeschool and escaped all that mess. Thanks for this sad and scary report.

  10. Hi Katharine. Yup, any positive effort is worth a mention, and your friend should be commended for those efforts. Yes, the report is sad and scary, it scares me and I hope it scares others…something MUST motivate caring people to pull their kids from this system. Well done homeschooling! It is the best answer.

  11. So in other words, nothing has changed since I was in 7th Grade, when I was routinely told to “suck hairy moose c*&#” multiple times a day, usually by my closest friends. Talk to your kids, folks, because society ain’t changin’.

  12. Hi Eric,

    Actually, some things are changing. 1)Schools are getting worse, and 2) Millions of people have left schools to homeschool their children. Maybe you can take some solace in this?

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